Quortisha found UsedMobileHomes123.com on Facebook in 2014.  This is when she began a search for her first home.  At the time, all that we had were two bedroom homes, but Quortisha needed a three bedroom home for her and her family.  Quortisha was not yet sure if she wanted to rent or buy a home, so she continued to look at homes that were for rent and for sale.

One year later, we sent Quortisha an email about a home we had available.  To Quortisha’s dismay, someone else bought the home before she was able to complete the credit application.  This happened twice.  Then, she got an email in early February 2015 about a home that was available in Pelion.

Quortisha was very persistent.  She felt this was HER home.  After several emails back and forth, phone calls, going to see the home, and getting her down payment together, Quortisha became the proud owner of her first home in February 2015.

She says she has never been so happy.  She is grateful to Aaron and Mike Kinney for giving her the chance to do something she has always dreamed of doing, all without turning her away.  Quortisha says that everybody needs more opportunities like what Aaron and Mike Kinney offer.  As Quortisha would say, “Everyone has to start somewhere!”