Michelle, her husband, and their two children moved to South Carolina from Ohio in 2013 after she was transferred with her job.  When they first came to South Carolina, they had no idea where to start looking for a home.  They found a temporary home and took a little over a year to find a better home.

After searching the internet, they stumbled upon a UsedMobileHomes123.com ad for a home in Lexington.  The home, which they describe as “amazing”, had enough rooms for both of their kids to each have one of their own.  They noticed that this home came with enough land for their kids to have a yard in which to play.

Soon, Michelle’s family went to look at the home.  The whole family fell in love with the home the second they laid their eyes on it.  It reminded Michelle of the home she grew up in.  When they moved in, the kids were so excited to have their own rooms!  Michelle and her husband are happy to have their kids starting school in a great school district.

Michelle and her family would recommend UsedMobileHomes123.com to anyone looking for a home at an affordable price.