Q: Do you sell a mobile home that I can move to my location?

A: Unfortunately, in most cases, we do not sell/finance a mobile home without property.  If you are looking to buy a mobile home and move it to your land, we can help point you in the right direction of some other people who can help.


Q: What properties do you have available?

A: Our website is constantly updated with all of our available properties; however, if you are on our email list, you will be contacted when there is a new property available before it is posted on the website.  Our Facebook page is also regularly updated with available properties.


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: You can email us at Sales@UsedMobileHomes123.com or call us at 803-575-2135.


Q: Can I put a deposit down to hold the property?

A: If you would like to put a deposit down to reserve the home, we typically ask for $100.  In most cases, this deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the down payment at closing.  It is refundable if we reject your application based on your credit application or your background check.  The deposit will hold the home for 4 days.


Q: How do I obtain access to the property?

A: We have a lock box that is placed on all of our properties. The combination will be given once the potential buyer has contacted us. We are also available to show the homes by appointment.


Q: What’s up with the credit application and the background check? My credit score is terrible. Is it still worth it to go through this process?

A: We ask all of our potential buyers to fill out a credit application and background check before we will sell the property. With the background check and credit application, we are mainly looking for steady employment and hopefully no foreclosures, evictions, felonies, bankruptcies, etc. With that said, we will still consider a potential buyer if they provide a written/verbal explanation of the event and if sufficient time has passed. The credit score is not very important to us in general.