1. Fill out the rental application.  It is easy and most people are approved. We are not concerned with your credit score.  https://umh123.appfolio.com/listings/rental_applications/new?listable_uid=6feed179-a33f-4133-8816-0d47842d3b2e&source=Website
  2. Approval takes a few hours.
  3. Go view the home.
  4. If you want the home, put a $100 hold deposit down to let us know you are a serious buyer and you will show up to sign the paperwork to buy the home.  This $100 hold deposit is non-refundable, holds the home for you for 4 days, and is applied to your first month’s rent if you buy the home.
  5. To pay the $100 hold deposit, call (803) 575-2135 to receive an account activation email.
  6. Follow the instructions on the email.
  7. Pay the $100 and the $17 processing fee for processing with your credit/debit/prepaid card.
  8. The Appfolio system will give you an error message saying you cannot pay, but ignore this message.
  9. One of our closing agents will contact you to make an appointment for you to sign the paperwork and pay any additional fees (first month’s rent and deposit).
  10. You can meet with one of our sales representatives to close and get your final paperwork.