Mike and Aaron Kinney are a father-son team that have been investing in mobile homes with land in the Columbia, SC area since 2011.

Their mission is to purchase great homes with land from sellers at fair prices and sell these homes to buyers using in-house financing that does not require bank qualifying yet allows for affordable monthly and down payments.

Mike and Aaron have a team of sales professionals in the Columbia and Aiken areas.

Tired of throwing money away renting? In a short time you can be the proud owner of a great home.

If you are on the other side of the fence and are interested in selling, we have a free 4 week email course that can help you evaluate your possible options.  Click Here

Your Privacy is Important to Us!  We promise to never sell, trade, or give away anybody’s personal information to a third party. 

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Email:  Sales@UsedMobileHomes123.com

Company Phone:  803-575-2135

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